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Mapping Data

The mapping data feature can be used to store basic data for use within workflows. The data is stored as collections of key/value pairs.

Manage Collections

Mapping data collections can be managed by navigating to the Workflows page and then selecting the Mapping Data button. Each collection name must be unique, alphanumeric, and no longer than 10 characters.

If the data being stored in the collection is only useful for one day or less a Timeout can be assigned to it. The maximum Timeout is 86400 seconds. If the Timeout is set to 0 (default) data will not expire.

Approximately once per minute the database management system will clear out any keys that have existed beyond their collection's timeout. The data cleanup process may be delayed during period of heavy database activity.

The list of collections and their timeouts can be saved to a JSON file using the Export Configuration feature. Collections can be created and updated using the Import Configuration feature. There is a separate export and import feature that is used to manage the key/value data stored within collections.

Manage Mapping Data

The data of a collection can be managed within workflows using built-in commands, or using the Mapping Data Collections page.

  • Key names must be unique within their collection and can be up to 48 characters long
  • Values can contain 0 to 4096 characters of data
  • Data stored within collections is not included in UIP backups

On the Mapping Data Collections page each collection row contains a More menu with options to Manage Data, Import Data, or Export Data.

  • Manage Data provides a way to Get, Set, and Delete an individual Key and its corresponding Value.
  • Import Data provides a way to create and/or update data in bulk by selecting a valid JSON formatted text file. Each import will be merged with the existing data in the collection by default, or you can choose to Delete existing data during import.
  • Export Data will export all of the data within the collection as a JSON format text file.

Workflow Designer Built-in Commands

There are Built-in Commands available within the workflow designer that can be used to get, set, and delete mapping data values within a workflow.