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Configure Custom Image Registries

UIP, its adapters, and adapter hub services are made up of many independent micro-services that are orchestrated together using a common framework. Each micro-service is based on a container image stored in NEC's image registry.

UIP also supports adapters and adapter hub services which are based on container images stored in alternate registries managed by third-parties. Any use of third-party container images should be done with caution and NEC is not responsible for issues caused by the use of third-party images.

If a third-party container image referenced by an adapter or adapter hub service is stored in an unauthenticated registry no special action is required to use it. If the image is stored in a private registry that requires login credentials, those credentials must be configured and maintained using the Administration > Registries page.

Attempts to start an adapter or an adapter hub service with a private third-party container image when registry credentials have not been configured will result in a failure. UIP will attempt to start it and repeatedly fail because it will be unable to pull the required container image.

If an adapter from a custom registry is hosted on a machine behind an HTTP|HTTPS proxy it may be necessary to add the custom registry location to its http proxy's allow list.

Custom image registry information is not included in backup packages. It will need to be added again if UIP is reinstalled or migrated to a new host.

The Registries page can be accessed by navigating to the Administration > About page and then selecting the Configure button within the Configure Registries section of the page.

Add Registry

To add a new authenticated registry you must provide the Server (e.g., and a Username and Password which is allowed to connect to it. If the container image path contains an Organization it must also be provided.

e.g., ""

    Organization: exampleorg
  • Server value must conform to standard DNS name conventions
  • Server and Organization values must be input using lowercase letters
  • Server value may include a TCP port at the end (e.g., hostname:65535)
  • Server location must be accessible through any applicable HTTP/HTTPS proxy
  • Only one registry entry is supported for each combination of Server + Organization value
  • Attempts to add a duplicate Server + Organization entry will modify the existing entry

Edit Registry

Only the Username and Password fields of an existing registry entry can be modified. If there is a change to the server or organization of an image/registry it should be addressed by adding a new registry entry with the new values and deleting the old one.