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Backup and Restore

Note: This page is only available with elevated account permissions. Please contact your Account Manager or Administrator to use Backup and Restore functionality.

The Administration > Backup and Restore page allows you to backup essential application data and restore it if an accidental data loss occurs. Each backup operation generates a file containing data for the following resources:

Backups can be created on demand at any time. By default, a backup file will be created automatically every day at 01:00 UTC time. The automatic backup can be disabled or adjusted to occur at a different time of day as needed.

The contents of backup files can be encrypted by setting a passphrase. This is strongly recommended to secure any sensitive information that may be contained within them. Once a passphrase has been configured, from that point forward the data inside newly created backups will be encrypted using that passphrase. The backup encryption feature can be disabled at any time by setting a blank passphrase.

In order to restore an encrypted backup file you must input the same passphrase value that was configured at the time that file was created. Depending on the age of the backup, the passphrase needed to restore it may not be the same as the passphrase that is currently configured.

30 backup files will be retained by default. Once the specified limit has been reached each new backup operation will trigger the oldest file to be permanently deleted.

Backup files should periodically be copied to a secure archive so they can be retrieved and utilized in the event of a hardware failure. Files can be downloaded individually from the Backup and Restore page, or copied in bulk from the following folder of the host machine.


During a restore, the process will replace data from the previously listed sources with the data contained within the backup file. Adapters can be restored without having the corresponding adapter type on the system. In that case, information about the adapter status and instructions to add the corresponding adapter type can be found on the Adapters page.

Restoring Login Accounts removes any currently configured login account information (restoring former passwords and MFA configuration of existing accounts) before restoring the accounts from the backup file. Any users logged in at the time of restore may be signed out when their token expires and may not be able to sign in again if their account is removed or the restored password is expired; this may require a manual update for these users.

Restoring a backup with no licenses on a system with valid licenses will clear the existing licenses and trigger a 'License feature removed' notification.


Backup and Restore procedures are not possible while a software update is in progress, and vice versa.