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Test Triggers

Triggers can be tested by emulating an adapter event or a webhook call. The trigger(s) that act on the specified event will be triggered, and those will initiate the related workflow(s).

To test a trigger, click the Test button on the Triggers page.

By selecting a trigger from the trigger template dropdown, the test window will automatically fill in the Type and the Event related values from the trigger. Those values cannot be changed as long as a trigger is selected. To enter custom values, select Custom from the trigger template dropdown. You can pass additional properties to the trigger by clicking + button and adding name value pairs.

Clicking the Test button will submit the test request to the workflow server. All triggers that handle that event or webhook will be executed and workflows will be started based on the trigger execute condition.

Note that the trigger window will show only the submit test result, it will not show the execution result of the initiated triggers and workflow(s).