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Workflow Settings

The Administration > Workflow page is used for general configuration of the Workflow Engine.

The following settings can be configured:

Setting Description
Default Timezone Pick a timezone to be used by the workflows. Otherwise, the system will use Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) by default.
Maximum Workflow Steps The maximum number of steps a workflow can execute. For the workflow to execute unlimited steps, enter value 0.
Maximum Sub-workflow Depth The maximum depth of sub-workflows.
Webhook Username The username to authenticate a webhook request or an advanced webhook request. When empty Authentication is not required (not recommend).
Webhook Password The password corresponding to the Webhook username. It is recommended to use a strong password of at least 9 character, containing mixed case letters, numbers and symbols.
External Adapter Connections If enabled the Workflow Engine accepts connections from remote adapters that communicate through an adapter proxy.
External Adapter Connection Secret The password needed when connecting from adapter proxy.
Failure Notification Threshold The number of consecutive workflow failures before a notification is sent.
Workflow History Storage The detail level of workflow history data to store:
* Detailed - Save all data
* Basic - Does not save property data
* Disabled - No data storage

For security purposes it is recommended that configured credentials - Webhook Username, Webhook Password, External Adapter Connection Secret - are at least 9 characters long and include at least one digit, one uppercase and one lowercase letter.