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Getting Started

Welcome to NEC UNIVERGE Integration Platform (UIP).

The following pages cover the basics for configuring and using UIP.

  1. Check the System Requirements to configure an appropriate UIP host system.
  2. Verify network settings are correct and modify the default Docker network settings if there are subnet conflicts with other existing networks.
  3. Configure DNS servers as-needed and verify DNS queries are working.
  4. Configure Proxy servers as-needed and verify connectivity to network resources.
  5. Follow the Installation and Updates page to install UIP.
  6. Configure how users will access the system and optionally secure the site with HTTPS using the Client Access page.
  7. Follow the recommendations on the System Security page and your organization's recommendations to secure all UIP (and Adapter Hub) host systems.
  8. Import a valid License into the system to activate the licensed features (e.g. Workflow Engine).
  9. Configure the Login Accounts that will have access to this system and optionally connect the accounts back to a local Active Directory server.
  10. Start configuring the Workflow Engine. To jump-start the configuration process download a Custom Package or Template from NEC.