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Test Workflow

When clicking the Test button a Test Workflow modal window opens on top of the Workflow Designer with information on the Workflow name and the properties passed to the workflow (from the Start step).

When the window first opens, the Properties are the same as the ones set on the Start step, but they can be edited in the Test Workflow window (the new edited values won't be passed back to the Start step properties, just be used when testing the workflow). The edited properties are persisted during the workflow designer session but not saved with the Workflow. New properties can be added or removed in the Test window.

The Test status label displays the result of the test run on the workflow. The Status can be: Starting, Queued, Started, Canceled, Finished or Finished with errors.

A workflow execution is considered failed in three cases:

  • Some internal error occurs, that prevents the workflow continuation (such as cannot evaluate boolean condition).
  • The final executed End step of the workflow has a "failed" (boolean) condition that evaluates to true.
  • The internal property wfresult.status is set to 'failed' from another set step in the workflow.

Pressing the Test button starts the workflow test. While a test is in status Starting or Started, a Cancel test link is present next to it. Pressing it stops the test.