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Autocomplete List

The Workflow Designer provides a smart autocomplete feature for text boxes that accept condition expressions or property expressions.


Before configuring a step, create links from the previous steps in your workflow to this step. The autocomplete list uses these links to deduce what workflow properties and command results are available to each step.

The autocomplete list opens automatically when you focus on an empty text box that has autocomplete information available. Hover the mouse over the items in the list to get additional information about their meaning.


When selecting a variable or function in the autocomplete list, it automatically inserts curly brackets around it where necessary.

The autocomplete list filters available items as you type:

  • typing { shows a list of workflow properties which you have defined in the previous steps. This list includes the built-in wfsystem, wfglobal, and wfresult workflow properties (if available).
  • typing . after the built-in wfsystem, wfglobal, or wfresult shows their contents.
  • typing {? or [? shows a list of workflow functions which can be used to process workflow properties.
  • typing ( after the name of a workflow function shows the workflow properties which you can select as parameters for that function
  • typing , after entering a function's parameter opens up again the list of workflow properties, to select a second function parameter

To close the autocomplete list, press Esc key. To reopen it, use Control+Space key combination.