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This page contains information about the built in reporting solution, Grafana. It is installed by default and preconfigured with 4 dashboards.

The primary use case for Grafana is to monitor system activity related to Adapters, Triggers, and Workflows. The default dashboards cannot be changed. However, other dashboards can be created or imported in Grafana.

Grafana is accessed through a web browser at: http(s)://hostname/grafana

The default username and password to login is admin. NEC recommends to change the default password. To change the password, Click the Grafana icon at the top left of Grafana's website, hover over the 'gear' symbol for settings, and then select server admin. By default, this will display a list of users, select the user, and then update the password from the user's profile page.


The default dashboards provide basic information and statistics about Adapters, Triggers and Workflows.

Adapter Details

This dashboard shows a summary of the number of Successful, Failed, and Total commands executed on the system. Additionally, it shows which commands are being executed and the number of successful/failed commands in a graph.

Adapter Statistics

This dashboard shows an overview of the commands being executed, the number of commands per minute, and the total number of commands executed for each adapter.


This dashboard shows an overview of the triggers executed on the system. It shows the total Events and total Webhooks, along with the workflow(s) that the trigger executed and the result from the workflow.

Workflow Statistics

This dashboard shows detailed information about all executions of a specific workflow. This is similar to the previous dashboard but differs in a way that it lists total Execution Counts for the workflow along with other details.