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Workflow History

The Workflow History page displays workflow history for workflows that have been executed by the system. The page can be used to troubleshoot any executed workflow.

The overview page shows the list of executed workflows in chronological order, with the most recently executed workflow at the top.

If you want to search for workflow executions that occurred during a specific time period you can do so by choosing an appropriate range for the Date Time Filter.

To display only the workflow executions from a certain workflow you can enter the workflow name in Workflow. To display only the workflow executions that were started by a certain trigger you can enter the trigger name in Triggered By. Note that the search is case sensitive and is based on exact match. To display only the workflow executions that have a specific result, select one or more options in the Result filter.

Workflows that were started by other workflows are by default not shown in the workflow history. To include these workflows in the overview, enable Include workflows started by other workflows.

Column Description
Time Workflow execution time in browser's local time zone.
Workflow Name of the executed workflow. If empty then trigger condition evaluated to false and no workflow was executed.
Clicking on the workflow name will open the workflow designer for that workflow.
Triggered By Name of the trigger that triggered the workflow to execute. If empty then the workflow was not started by a trigger.
Clicking on the trigger name will open the trigger edit page for that trigger.
Result Workflow execution result. If the workflow execution is still in progress, result will show Running. Column remains empty if no workflow was executed.

Expanding a workflow history row will show the trigger and the executed workflow steps. Expanding a step will reveal execution details of that step.

Each workflow step which was not successful shows a status, allowing you to easily catch any failed step. And each workflow step contains a clickable description to easily open the workflow designer for the related workflow and have the clicked workflow step selected.

Note: Executed workflows are displayed after a delay of around 5 seconds. Refresh the browser page to get the latest executed workflows.

Use the Purge History Data button at the bottom of the Workflow History page to permanently delete all the existing workflow history data.