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System Boundaries

Authentication Session

Your session expires after 20 minutes of inactivity. If you haven't interacted with UIP for 20 minutes a dialog will appear to warn you, and after another minute you will be automatically signed out and must sign in again to continue using the system. Your session is ended when you log out or close the browser.

Workflow Designer

The number of steps in a workflow can influence the browser performance. Avoid creating workflows with more than 100 steps and use sub-workflows instead.

Workflow traffic handling

  • With the recommended system requirements a system can process about 30 average triggers/webhooks and 30 average workflows per second sustained with occasional periods of low activity.
    • An average trigger or webhook, for the sake of measuring contains the following:
      • Sets 5 properties received from the adapter/webhook (Less than 10KB each)
      • Uses a conditional filter
    • An average workflow, for the the sake of measuring, contains the following:
      • Start step
      • 2 Adapter command steps
      • 1 Test step
      • 1 Set step
      • 1 End step.
    • The system requires 4 to 6 hours of low activity per day after 18 to 20 hours of maximum load.
    • If a workflow interacts with an adapter there can be a delay added by the remote system the adapter connects to.
    • Using large parameters in triggers and workflows can greatly effect system performance.
      • Only pass the minimum parameters and data between adapters, triggers and workflows.
      • Any parameter above 1MB should be carefully managed in triggers and workflows.
      • The current maximum size for the combination of all parameters out of a trigger or into a workflow is 5MB.
    • More CPU horsepower and more memory can enable the system to process more workflows.
    • If a workflow invokes another workflow that counts as 2 total workflows.
    • Significant traffic can also be a result of incorrectly configured adapters and/or other systems.
      • Steps should be taken to filter messages/events so the system does not get overloaded by unneeded messages.
      • In cases where these messages can not be filtered, a trigger condition should be used to reduce the load on the rest of the system.
  • Please consult with your NEC Engineering team if the sustained load on your install approaches 25 workflows per second.
  • Using less than the recommended system requirements will result in significantly less traffic handling capability.
    • For use cases that do not need to handle large amounts of traffic this may be acceptable.
    • Using the minimum system requirements for a system should be able to process about 30% ( i.e. ~10 workflows per second) of the amount of traffic as the recommended hardware.
      • NEC does not support using less than the minimum hardware requirements as the system start up and operation can be unstable.
  • There is no software enforced limit on how many triggers or workflow may be started by the system.
    • Spikes of traffic resulting in a higher trigger or workflow count will cause delays in the completion of the triggers or workflows.

Logging system

During periods of high traffic the logging system may lag behind the actual execution of events on the system.

Restore backup with no license

If importing a backup with no licenses on a system with valid licenses, a 'License feature removed' notification will be received instead of 'License not found'.